School Lawyer Program

What is the School Lawyer Program?

Western Heights College and Barwon Community Legal Service have established a school lawyer project. Students who think they have a legal issue can make a booking with school lawyer Damien Pitts by using the form below. Appointments take place on Wednesdays and Fridays in the school lawyer office, which is in the well-being section of the Admin Building at Western Heights College.

Damien can provide free help with all sorts of legal issues, including:

  • fines and debts, such as public transport fines and Centrelink debts
  • family issues or problems at home
  • bullying, including cyber-bulling or other kinds of online harassment
  • intervention orders
  • problems at work, such as being underpaid
  • criminal law, including thefts and assaults
  • difficulties with rent, leases, real estate agents, or other housing hassles.

Discussing legal issues with Damien is private and confidential.

In some situations, Damien can also provide advice and assistance to the families of Western Heights students.

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