Meet Frankie – Social Work Student Profile

My name is Francisco Rodriguez (Frankie). I recently turned 25 and I was born in Los Angeles where I lived for most of my life. Born to a single Mexican Mum, we eventually moved back to Mexico when I was five months old, and returned to L.A. when I was five. Spanish was my first language and I started to learn English when I started school in L.A. through a bilingual program. Growing up in a predominantly female household, with three female siblings, it has made it easy for me to apply a feminist perspective to life.


I came to Australia to study in 2011, met my partner here, and have been living in Geelong for the most part. In 2013 I graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Communication, with Majors in Journalism and Politics. My interest in social justice sprung when I was a teenager and was very involved in a LGBTQI community organisation called ‘Life Works Mentoring’ in L.A. Around the same time I volunteered at Life Works, I was involved in my high school newspaper until I graduated (this explains my undergraduate degree). Through my degree I came across stories of social injustice, and how unfairly Australia treats people who seek asylum. Towards the end of my undergraduate degree I thought of changing to a social work degree, but I was already far into my bachelors. After my graduation I looked for work in communications which I didn’t enjoy, but I already had the degree. Throughout my unemployment period I spent time volunteering for FIGMENT Geelong and volunteering at a nursing home at the Waterfront.


In 2015 I decided I was going to do a Masters in Social Work and work in a field I was passionate about. I got into the masters program at Monash, just finished my first year, and I’m really happy to be doing my first placement here at BCLS.