Legal Health Check

Sometimes it’s not always obvious when you are experiencing is a legal issue.  A legal health check can help you identify whether your issue is a legal problem.  Have a look at the questions below and consider whether any of them apply to you.  If you answer yes to any of these questions, one our Community Lawyers may be able to help.  Contact us here.

Money Troubles and Fines

  • Is anyone chasing you for money?
  • Do you have payments due or unpaid accounts?
  • Do you have any unpaid fines?

Centrelink and Decision Making

  • Are you unsure if you are receiving the appropriate Centrelink benefits?
  • Does the Public Advocate or a guardian look after your personal or health affairs?
  • Does the Public Trustee make decisions about your money?
  • Would you like to change or review any of these arrangements?

Your Rights at Work

Are you concerned about whether:

  • Your wage and conditions are fair?
  • You received all your entitlements when you left a job(e.g. annual leave)?
  • You are being paid superannuation?
  • You may have been unfairly dismissed?

Housing Issues

  • Have you recently been evicted?
  • Have you had trouble getting your bond returned?
  • Do you have any unpaid rent?
  • Are you on any tenancy blacklists?


Do you need help with:

  • Family Violence Intervention Orders you have or are subject to?
  • Personal Safety Intervention Orders you have or are subject to?
  • Another person’s behaviour that is harmful or makes you feel unsafe or mistreated?
  • Arrangements, plans or orders about children?
  • Your rights in any personal relationship, including divorce or separation?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may benefit from speaking with one of our community lawyers. Call us on 1300 430 599.