Your rights

  • When you contact our Service for assistance you have the right to:
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • be treated with respect
  • have your matter dealt with appropriately and promptly
  • receive clear and accurate information and advice
  • ask questions, make own decisions and to make informed choices about the conduct of your matter
  • ask for a copy of your file, or for the file to be transferred to another legal service provider
  • ask for an interpreter if you need one

When you seek assistance from us, we will:

  • Make an initial assessment of the nature of your situation
  • Provide information and advice
  • Provide a referral to a service that is best able to assist you
  • Provide ongoing casework assistance when needed and where our practice guidelines permit

Professional standards

Legal advice provided at BCLS is provided by qualified lawyers. Any law students working in our service are under the supervision of our Principal Lawyer.

Social Work support provided at BCLS is provided by qualified Social Workers. Any social work students working in our service are under the supervision of our Principal Social Worker.

Information collection and privacy

All information collected is strictly confidential and staff are bound by law not to divulge any information provided by you without your express consent.

File retention

Our service is legally obligated to retain your file for a period of seven years after we have seen you.


Our clients do not get charged fees for the work that we do. In some circumstances there may be third party fees incurred in the course of our work. Clients will always be advised of such fees prior to them being incurred and will be responsible for their payment. Although we do not charge our clients, we reserve the right to recoup our costs from any other party against whom costs are awarded.

Your responsibilities

When you seek assistance from our service we expect you to:

  • Treat staff and volunteers with courtesy, respect and consideration
  • Give us honest, accurate and complete information
  • Be proactive, to the best of your ability, in assisting us to help you
  • Bring relevant documents and written information with you
  • Let us know if you cannot keep an appointment
  • Let us know if you change your address or phone number
  • Let us know if you have any particular problems or needs


If you have concerns about your lawyer or another staff member then you should:

  • Speak with the staff member concerned
  • If you are unable to do that, or are not satisfied with the outcome, ask to speak with the BCLS Executive Officer.


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If you follow this process and you still have concerns that have not been resolved, you can contact the Legal Services Commissioner on 1300 796 344.

If you wish to provide general feedback please contact us by phone 1300 430 599 or by the enquiry form below:

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