E5 Article 8 pic-200x147When someone you care about dies it is an emotional and upsetting time, but if there is no money to pay for a funeral it can be even more distressing. Often older people, or those who are terminally ill, worry about leaving a financial burden for those left behind.

Bereavement Assistance is a community not-for-profit funeral director service which can assist. They provide low-cost funeral services for those of the Victorian community who have limited or no funds, such as victims of fire and natural disasters, those on Centrelink benefits and people with no family or friends. They provide the actual funeral service: cremation or burial, with a funeral celebrant if required. The details of the service can be organised in advance. Staff also provide counselling to bereaved families and advice as to what government benefits may be available.

The service is situated in Oakleigh and funded partly by the Victorian Government and partly by full cost services.

For further information phone: 9564 7778

Or visit: http://www.bereavementassistance.org.au/